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By Rodrigo Carrillo Tripp y Claudio Valdés Kuri


An amazing trip... A great reflection on the blurred limits between fiction and reality, madness and theater... Bravo!

Antonio Prieto Stambaugh

Theatre Scholar


It provokes such a reaction that those who miss it will feel that they have missed a one in a lifetime experience.

Saraí Campech


A scenic event that subverts the gaze and modifies thought in order to place the individual in a reality that is only discernible in the shadows. A virtuous and sophisticated technique of the artistic body.

Juan Hernández

Confabulario, El Universal

Theatres · Museums · Alternative Spaces

Original text based on the writings of Antonin Artaud

Duration: 80 minutes  

Target Audience:

- Adults and adolescents 15 years and older

- People without mobility problems

Language: Spanish and English

Number of people traveling: 5


Through a guided tour, the audience is taken on a journey into the psyche, work, and personal life of the legendary artist and writer Antonin Artaud. This iconic character, along with the psychiatrist Françoise Mômo, take a tour of seven stations, distributed throughout different areas of a theater venue, in an experience that surprises and captivates the senses of the spectators.


While on the tour, original texts by Artaud are quoted in order to reveal the various stages of his life, themes that obsessed him, and his theories on art, all of which establish him as the father of the avant-garde in 20th century theatre.


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