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Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes gives inter- and multidisciplinary workshops, individually designed for each community according to the needs of each place, with personalized attention to the participants. They are aimed at groups that may be made up of artists from different disciplines (directors, playwrights, actors, dancers, musicians). Similarly, professionals and artists-in-training can coexist in one workshop space.

Usually, the workshop is held over 3 intensive days, which vary from 6 to 8 hours in duration. Drawing on various artistic and therapeutic techniques, the work program emphasizes both content and form, ranging from the business presentation of personal projects, the encounter with the essential motivations of each individual, to the unlocking of obsolete programs that prevent the full and happy artistic manifestation.


- Willingness to do internal investigations.

- A disposition for physical and vocal work (even if it is not their area of specialty).

- Workout clothing.

- Pen and paper.

- Groups of 10 to 20 people.

- 3 sessions of approximately 6 hours.

- Room with wooden floors (without mirrors or with covered mirrors), clean and with mild temperature conditioning.

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