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Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes

Founded in 1997, Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes (Certain Inhabitants Theatre) has had a singular trajectory based on the premise of many hours of laboratory research that produce few and highly recognized productions worldwide. In their constant search for renewal, each staging of this iconic collective has been conceived by way of different challenges and artistic processes. The company has maintained a commitment to its conception and vision of art as service, even though the content and form of each stage production is vastly different. Likewise, the company has constantly privileged the development of a multidisciplinary performer - demanding the best of their abilities - as the primary form of communication with the spectator.


The company has trained multiple artists, creative producers and promoters of all nationalities, who in turn they have brought the experiences acquired to their own projects. Throughout more than two decades, Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes has opened unexplored routes for Mexican theatre and has innovated forms of stage production, inspiring and motivating many other companies. In addition to their stage work, the company has created fiction and documentary films, television programs, radio series, book editions, recordings, conferences, and workshops. With the validation and the experience accumulated through the years, the current interests of the company have extended to the transmission of knowledge, and the active participation in social and ecological projects through its center for creation, education, and collaboration in the performing arts: ArtBoretum.


Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes has performed in more than 200 cities, in the most prestigious festivals and theaters of the world, as well as in remote towns often excluded from theatrical experiences. The company has the support of the “México en Escena” program by the FONCA (National Fund for Culture and Arts).

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