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By Mónica Hoth and Claudio Valdés Kuri


Incredible monologue. A reflection that penetrates the soul. A true delight.

JC Segundo

Guía del Ocio


An audacious and ambitious performance that would intrigue any student of the Spanish literary diaspora, and might well touch you greatly, as it did me.

Chris Jones

Chicago Tribune


A fun proposal that, with truth as the protagonist of the text, defends the validity of universal values such as solidarity and justice.

Susana Fernández


Theatre · Music

Original text based on the Quixote by Cervantes

Theatrical, symphonic, and string quartet version

Theaters, auditoriums, classrooms, blackbox spaces of all sizes

Closed and open spaces

Duration: 90 minutes

Target audience: All audiences (ideally older than 12 years, but there are no restrictions)

Language: Spanish and English

Number of people traveling: 4


“If you don’t try, how will you achieve it?”

Carlos Fuentes (in relation to Quixote)


Through a playful montage, filled with humor and perspicuity, Don Quixote uses the evocative power of his book as a means of transport that, when opened randomly, leads the audience to fascinating episodes within the world of this foundational text of the Spanish language.


The ingenious, errant knight—in the company of some spectators who participate in the performance—will be involved in a whirlwind of adventures based on Cervantes and contemporary stories throughout which he will go after his greatest enemy: the Giant of Apathy.


The famous knight, an unmatched example for humanity to go beyond ourselves, fills the audience with the courage to achieve their noblest dreams and aspirations.


NOTE: This performance has additional musical versions for symphonic orchestras and string quartets.


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