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 By Mario García Torres and Aaron Schuster



The work is surprising, what at first seems like the extension of a joke that started more than five decades ago in the mecca of cinema, begins to acquire deep and philosophical overtones.

Diario Momento



The most important part of this work is taking this peculiar subject, creating a luminous piece (in the sense of revealing unexplored worlds) with few elements, disturbing the spectator, and sending us home with many questions about what we just saw.

Gunary Prado

Sinestesia Escénica, Michoacán


A solid interpretation by the actor Rodrigo Carrillo Tripp. A work with an intimate and enjoyable touch, that questions the relationship between the work of art and its creation.

Juan José Campos

Lumen, San Luis Potosí

Theatre · Film · Conceptual Art

Original text

Theatres, auditoriums, classrooms, medium-size blackbox spaces

Duration: 60 minutes

Target Audience: Adults and adolescents 15 years and older

Language: Spanish and English

Number of people traveling: 3


In the monologue I Am Not a Flopper we meet Alan Smithee. He is not a person, rather an idea, a thing. It is the pseudonym that many Hollywood filmmakers used to hide their identity.


Through a lecture, Smithee tells the audience about how his name originated and how, over the years, it has served as a refuge for many artists disappointed with the result of their work. The more than eighty films credited to this character also lead us to questions about theories of art.


Throughout this performance, we will see how this singular character—or the actor—struggles to validate his existence, to demonstrate that although his story is made-up by failures, he is not a failure.


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