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Musical composition by Paul Barker


Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes are really exploring the potential for using the human voice in a specifically physical theatre.

Bella Todd

Fringe Review, Brighton Festival


Designed for those who hate opera and those who love opera, El Gallo brings a healthy skepticism about the practice of opera. Completely different from anything you may have seen before.

                                                                                              Omar Willey

Arts & Events,


It is not a play, nor is it an orchestra rehearsal, much less a conventional opera, it is... El Gallo, an original product in itself.

Bruno Bert

Tiempo Libre

Theatre · Music

Original text and composition

Theaters and blackbox spaces of all sizes

Duration: 90 minutes

Target Audience: Adults and adolescents 15 years and older

Language: Invented

Number of people traveling: 9 + 2 local string quartets


Best Theatre Production, Brighton Festival (Great Britain)

Best Play of the Year, Revista Publico (Portugal)

Best Play of the Year, La Jornada (México)



Sung in a made-up language, El Gallo narrates through theater, music, and movement the many vicissitudes that a director and a group of singers face when trying to stage a new performance work.


The element of time factor, along with the different artistic capabilities of each interpreter, will gradually generate a series of meetings and disagreements expressed in an atmosphere of tension taken to the limit that will unleash unsuspected situations, where the most superficial, as well as the most exotic and profound longings of each one will be revealed.


In this opera for actors, the audience is given an intimate view of a creative process, witnessing auditions, rehearsals, and an unexpected final result.


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