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By Mónica Hoth and Claudio Valdés Kuri



Masterful, magnificent, a master class in performing arts and piano music.

José Juan de Ávila

La Hoguera


If you like music you will really like it, if you like theater you will enjoy it, and if your thing is theater and music... you will love it!

Roberto Sosa

Cartelera de Teatro


Theatrical magic and exquisite music that will reach your heart and remain engraved in your mind.

Eugenia Galeano Inclán

Galería Teatral

Theatre · Music · Dance

Original text

Medium and large theatrical spaces

Duration: 105 minutes

Target Audience:  Adults and adolescents 15 years and older.

Language: Spanish with subtitles

Number of people traveling: 10



Triple Concert presents the avatars of young pianists, contenders in a high-level piano competition. Their journey will trace a path in which in each stage, or qualifying round, of the event they will face increasingly demanding artistic, technical, and human challenges.

This work explores how we all, without exception, have capabilities that make us different, unique, and exceptional in the great concert of life. It also pushes us to face our unique task of recognizing, accepting, and finally enjoying them.


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