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Symphonic-Scenic Performance for Symphony Orchestra, Actors, Dancer, and Choir

Musical Composer, Paul Barker  


Music ·Theatre · Dance

Original text and composition

Concert halls and theater spaces

Duration: 50 minutes

Target Audience:  Adults and adolescents 15 years and older

Language: Invented

Number of people traveling: 10 + Local orchestra and chorus


Four mythological entities from different cultural traditions meet on an extraordinary occasion to prove that their particular message to the world is the most important of all: while Don Quixote de la Mancha defends the importance of becoming a knight-errant, Iambé, the Greek goddess of laughter, encourages all to live lightly and with humor; on the other hand, the African twin deities Ibeji speak of cooperation; and Quetzalcóatl, the God King who knows everything, exalts the communion of all beings. This controversy is interrupted at various times by the mysterious passage of the Moon in search of its other half, the Sun.



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