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By Carl Heinrich Graun


The production has deserved, performance after performance, a long applause from an audience who expresses their enthusiasm with a standing ovation.

Luz Emilia Aguilar Zinser



The opera Montezuma triumphs in Hamburg. The German press has described it as “a piece filled with passion and spirit” and “of stunning beauty.”


La Razón


A bold stage production.

Luis Meza

AM, Guanajuato


Montezuma celebrates his betrothal with Eupaforice. His most valued warrior, Pilpatoé, announces the arrival of the Spaniards. Despite the ferocity and greed of the Spaniards reported by Pipatoé, Montezuma orders him to lead these strange visitors to the city and kindly welcome them, according to the old ways.

Cortés decides to overthrow Montezuma and marry Eupaforice himself. As soon as the Spanish enter Tenochtitlán, they immediately launch into a surprise attack. The Spanish commander offers Montezuma to keep his life in exchange for Eupaforice abjuring his false gods and taking Cortés as her husband. Eupaforice refuses and, together with Pilpatoé, plans an uprising.

When Eupaforice and Montezuma try to escape, it becomes clear that their plans for an uprising have been revealed. Cortés discovers the fugitives and orders Montezuma’s execution. As the Aztec leader is led to the gallows, Eupaforice stabs herself.

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