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By Pedro Calderón de la Barca


Provocative and bold. The beauty of this staging is violent and harmonious at the same time, thoughtful and deep, playful and provocative.

Estela Leñero


The Mexican director is able to fully retain the attention of the spectator, overtaking their senses with strong stimulation. The beauty of the staging and the force of the theatrical event are hypnotic.

Jorge Dubatti
El Tiempo, Buenos Aires


It highlights the power of the troupe and the unquestioned ability of its director. A splendid feast of theatrical maturity.

Bruno Bert
La escuela del espectador



In the auto sacramental Life is a Dream, Calderón de la Barca masterfully synthesizes biblical theological history: the creation of the Universe, the fall of the Angel, the creation of Man, the expulsion from Paradise, redemption through Forgiveness, and the establishment of the Sacraments. Symbolically, it suggests an exploration of the self in which Man undergoes arduous tests, through an initiatory journey where he faces his own Shadow. The play shows the compulsory passage of those who seek self-knowledge, who must surrender to experience, reaching the extremes, learning from their actions, as well as from their consequences, in order to finally access a greater state of consciousness.

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