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General Coordination of ArtBoretum

A facilitator of participatory processes, ecologist leader, manager of cultural and environmental projects, and agent of change. Her leadership and capability for organization, as well as her passion for a more sustainable world have been invested in social organizations such as: Promotoras Ambientales de Tejalpa, Ashoka, IIFAC, and the International Institute for Facilitation and Change.


In addition, she has been the founder and coordinator of the Bioregional Movement in Mexico and America; founder of Ayotl A.C.; coordinator of the Ecological Space within the Mlllenium Solar 2000 of the ISEA International Solar Energy Association, UNAM; coordinator and founder of the Council of Visions Guardians of the Earth, an event of national and international environmental networks; a representative of the Network of Mesoamerican Ecovillages (REM) and Ecovillage Network of the Americas. She is the editor of the books Welcome Home: Bioregional Thought and Experience, published by the Mexican House of Representatives, and Ecohabitat: Experiences Towards Sustainability, published by SEMARNAT.


She is the General Coordinator of ArtBoretum, the center for the creation, education, and collaboration in the performing arts founded by Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes.

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