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By Ximena Escalante


A truly contemporary theatre, worthy in any part of the world. This work is so accomplished, so full, so dignifying of our theatrical task.

Braulio Peralta
El Universal


Such consistent, risky, and successful theater groups are rarely seen. The staging encompasses a series of aesthetic and expressive elements that reconfigure everyday life and infuse it with a moving poetic reflection.

Javier Malpica
¿Dónde ir?


An excuse to show the virtues and miseries of the characters. This work is more than accomplished, sometimes in a parodic, brutally ambiguous way.

Olga Harmony
La Jornada



A night with a group of friends, on the birthday of one of them. Something happens in this party, something that makes it different from all the rest: the guest of honor asks for a remarkable, one-of-a-kind, and very real gift. A gift full of truth: he wants to feel their skin, and he wants to feel it differently, he wants to reach the deepest sensations hitherto unknown to him. From this desire, friends will take a journey, guided by the lusts of the skin. A journey that through its trajectory will take them to their deepest truth. Because, as they will discover it, in the skin, inside or behind it, something is hidden: each one’s own truth.


This is a project where the text, the direction, the acting work, the stage and sound space, all have been created through experimentation and improvisation. Far from being a conventional theatrical piece, this is an opportunity to observe an extremely unique and captivating performative discourse.

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