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By Federico Ibarra


The staging by Claudio Valdés Kuri is ingenious, fun, and full of successes. Without a doubt, it will be the most important opera premiere of the year.

Mauricio Rábago Palafox



The imaginative stage direction by Claudio Valdés Kuri, along with his excellent team, shows a sort of tableau where humanity is dozing off until it is time to act. Spectacular and poetic.

Vladimiro Rivas Iturralde



The level of excellence achieved brings together the necessary virtues so that this spectacle without limits goes by with agility, brilliance, and beauty. A lesson that allows us to verify that there is still a hope in salvation and that art plays a transcendental part in it.

Manuel Yrízar




The Tramp, tired of humans for their destructive and crazy behaviors, decides to enter a forest and take a tour through three different areas that will lead him to witness the world of insects.

Thus, he travels to the world of butterflies that represent the picture of youth: they embody an existential void, lost in superficiality and banality. Disgusted with their behavior, the Tramp decides to observe another class of insects and goes into the world of flies, parasites, crickets, and larvae, which represents a conventional middle-class society, full of predators. The Tramp walks away in horror and enters into the territory of the ants, who reveal the absurdity of wars.

The Tramp falls into despair, as he finds nothing sobering in the insect world; however, through them he has learned to live. Having found a reason for his existence, he decides to start over in the search for a better world.

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