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By Maricarmen Gutiérrez and Claudio Valdés Kuri


This is art, my friends! Claudio Valdés Kuri’s conception and structure of the show is brilliant. The sensitive and passionate delivery from the actors feels full of rigor and imaginative freedom.

Silvia Ortega
Chilango / Time Out


An artistic work of a true and magnificent international dimension. A prodigious moment of theatrical art unfolded, perfect in content and continent, spherical in its conception and execution. Heart-rending and masterful staging. Gloria in excelsis.

Pablo Espinosa
La Jornada


I see a woman in the audience, who has been invited along with others to participate in the play. At the end, she declares: they changed me inside and out.

Xavier Quirarte



A journey through the most significant and well-known moments in the life of Joan of Arc: the visit to her feudal lord, her entrance to the court and her interview with the Dauphin, the taking of Orleans, the coronation of Charles VII, her fall into the hands of the enemy army, her judgment and her passion. However, in this version, the story of Joan is the backbone of the play, through which little by little the point of interest is extended to each and every one of the participants in the event, both actors and spectators.

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