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By Mónica Hoth and Claudio Valdés Kuri


Lower your voice returns to the origin, to explore a form of affection beyond the idea of blood relations.

Sonia Sierra

El Universal


Starting a new relationship means knowing how to live and deal with the past of the other, accepting it, incorporating it. The performance skillfully incorporates an analogy with the Stone Age throughout the work, resorting to the image of living in a clan or community.

Dorte Jansen

We’re Magazine


Topics are addressed from a contemporary perspective; because even when we think of ourselves as a liberal society, taboos and prejudices are still present. Is the notion of family carried only in the blood?

David Uribe

Bogart Magazine



The play takes place in Leticia’s apartment, who lives with Micaela, her 10-year-old daughter. Her life radically changes when her ex, Omar, asks to live with her for a while because he was left without a job and without a home.


The adaptation process for these three individuals, even with the differences between Omar and Leticia, seems to work. However, things become more complicated with the arrival of Alexis, Omar’s teenage son. Together they will discover a new way of living together through openness to change and appealing to their most primal instincts.

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